Friends Reunion

Could we be anymore excited? Lisa Kudrow, 53, revealed on Feb. 28 that she and her old Friends co-stars recently had a reunion — but not necessarily the kind we’ve been hoping for! “We have convened,” Lisa told Savannah Guthrie when she appeared on Today on Feb. 28 to promote her new movie Table 19. “Privately. For dinner.” Ugh, what are you doing to us, Phobe Buffay???

Lisa explained that she, Courteney Cox, 52, David Schwimmer, 50, Jennifer Aniston, 48, Matt LeBlanc, 49, and Matthew Perry, 47, had their own secret gathering and it was just as fantastic as you would imagine. “It was really fun! We had such a good time,” she said. “It was hilarious. We were laughing nonstop.”

While we are completely appalled that Monica, Ross, Rachel, Joey, Chandler and Phoebe didn’t inform us of this amazing reunion, we kinda forgive them because Lisa explained they don’t want to tease us. “If we don’t tell you that one’s coming, and then it doesn’t happen, you have no reason to be disappointed,” she said. “I’m managing expectations.” Makes sense, seeing as fans have been screaming for a reunion ever since the hit NBC series went off the air in 2004 after 10 wonderful seasons.

While that dinner was a private affair, is it possible the cast could be filming an actual reunion that would air on TV?  “I don’t see it happening. What would it be about?” Lisa said, completely breaking our hearts. “The thing we liked about that show is it was like 20-somethings and they were their own family and now they all have families. So what are we going to watch?”

Anything, literally anything, Phoebe. We will watch our “friends” sit silently in Central Perk and drink coffee for two hours.

Do you think we will ever see a Friends reunion? What would it be about? Give us all your thoughts below!

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