Meet Sandra Prikker A Ripped Dutch Fitness Trainer And Model. SHE IS UNBELIEVABLE

From the ever hard kickboxing to becoming an online sensation, Sandra started her journey after an accident which left her with serious injuries. She was forced to quit the sport that she had loved for 10 years, but Sandra quickly found another passion – fitness.

It wasn’t long until she had sculpted an amazing physique, and was quickly noticed for her hard work. By the age of 25, Sandra had gained millions of followers and become an icon.

Born in the Netherlands, in 1990, Sandra began working out while training to become a professional kickboxer at the age of 14. Through years of relentless training, she attained an amazing physique.

However, in 2012, she suffered an injury after an accident which ruled her out of the sport. With her competitive spirit still fighting to be active, Sandra knew that she had to find another way of keeping busy.

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